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Hamleys is a British multinational toy retailer, one of the oldest and largest in the world, owned by the Indian company Reliance Retail.


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Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Everything else. Compensation Career tracks Decision making"

Former Employee - Brand Designer says

"Office politics between management, conflicting direction, unprofessional environment to work in"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant, Hamleys Helper says

"Highly KPI driven. Forced to surpass previous years numbers if you want to keep your job"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"- pay way always wrong - didnt get paid for my last shift - couldnt call in sick or have a family emergency as the managment didnt care - pay was very low"

Former Employee - Shop Guy says

"Management make you jump through hoops I felt like an idiot some Of the things they made me do during the interview"

Current Employee - Hamleys Helper says

"The Management are terrible they pick sides and have favourites. If your not a favourite then good luck to you. Rude HR staff in store never willing to help Hours are awful, sometimes you can be doing a late shift to an early shift and have no rest. Lack of work life balance due to short notice with timesheets they are always changing and expected to adapt to the ever changing rota Progression rate is non existent the company focuses on external candidates rarely have internal progression Lack of training or development opportunities Lunch has to be taken within 1-2 hours after starting your shift you don’t get a choice when you want your break Pay rate is basic. The company does not pay extra for Public holidays Lack of heating and aircon Poor toliet conditions and storage for your belongings"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Highly unstructured departments -Toxic and poor management who plays a blaming game -Lack of ownership -Undefined roles and tasks -Lack of career progression"

Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Hire and fire policy. Internal politics that’s ruined the business. Poor management and office culture. No strong leadership roles that have lasted more than a year, hence the business have collapsed"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"The gateway store manager has double standards & has favorites among the team of workers. He is a gossiper & is always in the center & cause of fights among staff."

Prefer not to say (Former Employee) says

"Long hours Unappreciated by higher management Higher management are corrupt & heartless May seem fun on the shop floor but they work staff like slaves for awful pay, no incentives a dusty old 'green room'. They lie and say there is progression when there really isn't. They make you work sleepovers and don't have a place for you to actually sleep. Disgusting changing room for experience team, party room is foul, needs a huge renovation. You can't charge sky high prices for parties when the room is terrible. No organisation. Hamleys is a sinking ship. It needs to be revamped entirely, management included.Free food after partiesHorrible management, horrible work conditions"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Konstant demonstration av produkter även av butikschefen helt enligt ägarnas krav! Danska ägare som konstant försökte göra ens arbete som butikschef!Inga!För många!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here unless you want to be treated as a child...The ridiculous induction lasted for 8 hours and involved us acting like 3 year old children, it was an embarrassing and humiliating experience. There is no air conditioning, the staff toilets are tiny and usually you have to wait in a cue when you need to use one of the urinals. The changing rooms are grubby. Some of the managers are very rude. The canteen is small for the amount of staff that work in the building."

demostrador (Former Employee) says

"Esta es la peor empresa para que trabaje, los encargados de los empleados solo se preocupan por el dinero que podemos producir , en mi experiencia me senti como una esclava de esta empresa . No recomiendo trabajar aqui por ningun motivo.buenos companeros de trabajotodo lo que implica trabajar aqui"

Hamleys Helper (Former Employee) says

"I will not say it is a bad company but the store I worked for was not somewhere I would recommend. Management are rude and cheeky to staff. Management were exempt from the uniform policy and disciplined certain staff and not others. ALL members of management were not understanding of disabilities. Hours are terrible and management do not care of other responsibilities. Management set unrealistic expectations on sales. Holidays are forcibly given on days you cannot work therefore you do not receive them. So many more problems with the company and management.NothingManagement and staff are horrible"

HR & Payroll Officer (Former Employee) says

"The working system is built on how long you have worked in Hamleys and the friends you make. If you’re popular and have lots of friends, you will get treated like royalty and working will be a pleasure. The staff members are very childish and petty, for such a prestigious brand you would think employees would be very professional and well-mannered, but clearly most have forgotten to leave their playground behaviour in school. Especially those in head office!"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"i cannot recommend hamleys as a workplace. the management cannot understand that you have a life after work.it is a stressfull job, you cannot be with your family,they will not give you time for your familyfun and playlong hours and poor management"

FC (Former Employee) says

"I won't recommend anyone who is looking for the start of their career as the work culture here is very stressful and the work timings are not fixed too. It's all last-minute roster which is a so sad part on management. And mentioning about learning and growing culture is really sad..."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Hamleys depends of the time of the year, for example at Christmas it could be really busy, and during January-March is almost empty during the week. You learn a lot about costumer service and how to sell add ons, as they train you every day. Management are not consistent, information is not given properly or directly to the employee some times. Organisation with the time tables is a bit bad as they send it to you through Whatsapp some times a bit late. The hardest part of the job is that they usually position you on tills for long periods of time without break, which at the busy times can make you feel very tired. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you welcome costumers and make their experience fun by being friendly and attending to their every need.Good experienceLong Shifts, Management, Incorrect payments, Late payment."

Hamleys Helper (Former Employee) says

"No work or life balance, especially if a temp! Covered Christmas and they pinned 40 hours on you then only offer part time work! There is no full time work opportunity which is needed with they low pay rate. A clear sign of favouritism as well, no matter how well you do, think I was mentioned twice while one person was everyday as they were obviously vouching for her to be the perm. There is NO benefits, you get discount on products in there but considering the price it just brings it to average marketing prices elsewhere. For example no Christmas bonus this is again dependent on who favours you as the staffs pick their "best helper" and then everything else is pot luck of raffle tickets. WOW! Bad pay of £8 an hour, I can work at Lidls at £10-£11 an hour, for less stress and push for add-ons as that is all you all care about, even staff! As they would push away customers that have one item to you instead! For a world famous toy store you are a disgrace. Never again."

Duty Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was the store manager and was responsible for running a busy store in a airport. I learnt a lot about working in a airport and dealing with the hardest of paperwork which is passes to work in airport because of vetting and security. I was hired as a assistant manager but as hamleys do not hire store managers for travel stores, i was the Manager in charge of a store with over 10 members of staff to run. I enjoyed working in a airport dealing with the stress and hard work that goes with it and having a play with the toys.fun products lots footfalllong hours no support from head office unprofessional area manager"

Sales executive(fun consultant) says

"I reccomed to friend go to hamleys and join hamleys as fresher it's good platform for learning purpose abot retail industries. Because u don't know how to work in retail and what is actually would be retail. So this good platform to fresher to learning advantage for join other company when u took experience after left hamleys."

Expert (Current Employee) says

"Its an okay job. Just an ordinary retail store just very busy and with loads of toys. You get customers from all over the world. It can be challenging somtimes."

Night Assistant (Current Employee) says

"No management working nights No out of hours pay No one speaks English Not enough workers Your left to it sometimes good sometimes bad"

Senior Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was such an amazing experienced working in there because in simple ways you were able to make kids happy and you will learn and get used to it to be happy at all times since you are working in a toy store in which everyone should be happy specially the kids. Management wise is average, workplace culture is very diverse yet enjoyable. hardest part of the job is during sale time or holidays because our 10hrs day to day shift is extended up to 14hrs at times and weekly off is cancelled.discounts on toys from supplierlong hours of work"

Selling Assistant (Former Employee) says

"it wasn't good there they don't know how they treat the people that work for them they act kind but the move like your the bad one no one I worked with liked it therelong luncheslong hours"

Retailer (Former Employee) says

"The company is not friendly. The company's management have very bad English and I don't quite understand and they are so loud. Very demanding. Again not friendly"

Cashier, Customer Service & Stockroom Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A day at work is fine, interesting. I learned how to be more productive, independent when it comes to decision making, motivating staff, knows how to win the staff and the customers, team work and have more strong personality. Management before was good that's why I reached for almost 7 years in the company. But now, lots of changes due to management replacement. The hardest part of the job is to leave the company, but I have to, so I will grow more and learn new things. I enjoyed being with my team, surrounded by good people and especially I love my work that's why I enjoyed working the company for almost 7 yrs.free lunch sometimeslong hours duty"

tony kent says

"Spoiled my kid's christmas by failing to deliver and disappeared after taking our money, no explanation whatsoever. Failed to pick up the phone for 5 weeks. Spoke to a snooty bxxxx today, not even a hint of an apology, in fact an arrogant person full of sob stories about how Scamleys have had 'problems'. Not interested. Complete scam. Scamleys."

Dina Malloupa Paraskeva says

"I have been waiting over a month and still no refund. Customer Services dreadful cannot deal with anything"

Navdeep Singh says

"Absolute RUBBISH. Extremely bad quality"

Rosne MB says

"Ordered and paid for Lego Architecture set for my son around 2 weeks before Christmas , still haven't received it. Not sure if we get in January or not at all??!"

Sumiaya Shahid says

"Very bad experience. I ordered toys for my daughter’s birthday 2 weeks before birthday and they refunded me without any notice or email. After 3 weeks they deducted money from my account and send me only one toy. Don’t buy from them."

Bee says

"Don't bother....ordered 3 items for my nephew over 2 weeks ago. Emailes twice for an update as did not receive email to say its been dispatched. No response. Called them and was advised 2 of the items were not in stock. At no point during the whole process did anyone advise of this and my poor nephew been waiting for his surprise. A simple courtesy email would have been nice to say that the items were no longer available instead of me....as the customer having to chase this up. Would not bother with them again. Would have thought for such a large well known brand the level of service and communication would have been a lot better."

Clair says

"Utterly appalled by Hamleys who claim to offer ‘the finest toys in the world with a premium service, whether you are shopping at one of our flagship stores or via our website. Fast, reliable delivery!’ What an absolute joke. I did all my Christmas shopping online and this was the only retailer I had problems with. I ordered a Lego set for my daughter end Nov, when it hadn’t arrived over a week later I contacted customer service and was told it would be dispatched soon, same again following week. I requested to cancel and a refund on 10 Dec so that I could purchase elsewhere but was told it was too late. Money was then taken from my account on 16 Dec but no item arrived and on 11 Jan I am still fighting to get my money back. And I have a very disappointed little girl. Non existent customer service! Don’t buy anything online from Hamleys would be my advice!"

Georgia says

"DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ONLINE. They said you should order on/before the 17th of December to receive your order in time for Christmas. I order on the 16th night (so I believe they classed this as the 17th) so I was a little worried the presents wouldn't come in time. I ordered 3 items. I contacted customer services on the 22nd and I got an instant reply (40 minutes later) saying they 'would like to believe' that my order would still arrive in time for Christmas although also saying that they were yet to process the order. So I asked to cancel it. They then replied 8 days later saying it had been dispatched and they could no longer cancel the order. I then only received one item. They only took the money for that item so I thought I would just leave it. Now almost 4 weeks after i made to order i can see them trying to take more money from my account. I has asked them again to cancel more order but I have not receive a response. Also to make things worse they don't have a good returns approach.... freepost! I did as they suggested and tried to return my order via freepost over a week ago and the post office wouldn't give me a receipt so now imagine I'll never see that money again. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!"

Paul Crees says

"Hamleys online are by far the poorest responding and organised business I have come across. I ordered my online gift by 18th Dec. as required by the website. I subsequently chased on 23rd Dec. Phone was answered informed me that internally the company said items ordered after the 17th would not be sent before Christmas. It is now the 10th Jan. Several emails later and no response. To say this was originally a British company and the oldest toy store is embarrassing. As a frequent visitor and customer when in London, I will not be bothering in future. Service from The Entertainer is far superior and proactive."

DD says

"Website is faulty so you can't add some item to your basket, customer services are not helpful at all, they do not clearly specify assortment on LOL dolls and instead show picture of sole doll. Returning item. Unhappy child and mother. First and last order. So disappointed."

Miss KEA says

"Disappointing expected so much more from this company Ordered a an item with my daughters Xmas money she's excitedly waited for it to come. No email no arrival Called customer services clearly had no clue no idea where it is and changed her mind whether it's in stock or not . Told to call back in a few days! Avoid this company & spend your money elsewhere No doubt covid will be excused for another lazy company who have no regard for the typical consumers who use them CHILDREN !"

Mr P says

"Appalling service. Ordered in plenty of time 4 xmas. Never arrived. No updates, and zero communication. Took weeks before they evn acknowledged my email!! Stated a 24hr response. 2wks later still no reply, still no order, still no refund. No nothing. You call & soon as you get supposedly through, a voice says "now is not a good time" & call again!!! Hamleys claim to be the best there is. No1 could care less evidently. As seems so of a great many companies out there today, grab your money, then ignore you. 5weeks and counting!!! Absolutely appalling conduct!!!"

CPC says

"Absolutely Terrible. I used to go to Hamleys as a child and thought it a reputable website to shop on. Wish I'd looked at the reviews here first. I ordered a Christmas present on 14th December and still hasn't arrived. I e-mailed them on Monday and received an auto-reply saying they aim to respond in 24 hours, it's now Thursday and I still haven't had a response. So much like their shipping, their customer service is terrible. I have now asked to cancel my order as it's too late for Christmas."

Rebecca Leech says

"Absolutely appalling service! I ordered a teddy bear on the 10th of December for my best friends first baby for his first Christmas who was very poorly when he was born! I was told the cut off for Christmas was the 17th when I email two weeks later and it still hadn’t arrived, so plenty of time! The bear didn’t arrive for Christmas so I spent three hours on the phone trying to contact them! They said that there was a hold up with the bears however bears ordered after mine had been sent out and they we not sure why mine hadn’t so they assured me that my order would be sent. A week later and I’m still waiting! Tried again to contact them via email, but I receive an automated message apologising for the delays. I tried calling again but waiting over an hour so gave up. Nearly a month is a total joke! I would have been better driving to London myself!"

Martin says

"Literally the worst online service I have received in years - do not use this store. I placed an order at the end of November which didn’t go through. I only found out when I checked my account online and it said it hadn’t been processed. Placed the order again in early December. No progress updates by email and I was now unable to log into my account on the website, despite requesting a password reset several times. Eventually sent an email to customer services enquiring about delivery times. The response I was sent told me nothing useful at all. One item arrived well after Christmas and I am still waiting for the other item almost a month after placing the order. I would encourage anyone to look elsewhere for toys. The service is appalling and clearly just banking on their famous name. If they spent less time making ‘hilarious’ TV programmes with comedians and more time working on their customer service they might have a business. Otherwise there is no place for a store like this in the marketplace. Woeful."

Dan says

"ordered a teddy bear for my godson on the 16th noting the guarantee in time for Christmas on their website for all orders if placed by the 17th. I received the order confirmation email and an invoice email. all was looking good. fast forward to the 28th still no dispatch email or the items arriving. I emailed the customer support team asking if they could provide an update on if the item had been dispatched and if they could clarify when it was sent out etc. Received a generic auto-reply that didn't answer any of the questions I had asked. after another email, to them asking for a propper update I was told the order had been cancelled as there was a processing error but they couldn't tell me what that was. the only way I found out about the error was after I had enquired. shocking service from what used to be a good company. We might be in a pandemic but the level of customer service was shocking."

Eileen says

"On 10th December I ordered a Terry Triceratops large toy dinosaur from Hamleys. As it still hadn't arrived by 23rd December I emailed them and was told that if my order was placed before the 17th December, which was their recommended last order date before Christmas, they would "like to believe that your order will be with you before Christmas". IT WASN'T!! I emailed Hamleys after Christmas to say how disappointed my 3 year old grandson was at not receiving his present. I received a reply on 30th December which was full of apologies and they confirmed that they hoped to get this to us as quickly as they could. IT STILL HASN'T ARRIVED AND IT'S NOW 6TH JANUARY!! DON'T SHOP AT HAMLEYS PEOPLE!!"

Phillips Paul says

"I placed an order nbr 000023799 with Hamleys on the 14th of December. The company stated orders received by the 17th would be delivered by Christmas. The order for 4 toys was to be delivered to my grandson. On the 21st the order had not been delivered; I sent an Email to Hamleys stating if delivery can not be made by the 24th then the order must be cancelled as my son is moving house after Christmas. I did not receive a response. I wrote again on the 23rd without a response. On the 30th of Dec an amount of £23.76 was deducted by Hamleys from my bank account. This sum did not match my order nor the aggregate of any combination of items, so I contacted my bank. On the 31st, 3 of the 4 items were delivered, total cost £23.40. I contacted my bank again but they had blocked my debit card. On the 4th of Jan. I again wrote to Hamleys stating that my son has now moved house. Of course still no response, I hope my bank will not pass any payment demands from Hamleys, and I am still trying to unblock my bank account. It is a shame that such a previously great, traditional and respected company has sunk to such great depths of incompetence. I will never buy from them again."

Dave Clarke says

"Oh dear, evidence that a traditional bricks and mortar business can truly struggle with its online presence. I ordered two products well before Christmas (4 weeks), one arrived after about 10 days (longer than expected) - luckily just in time for Christmas. However only one of the products arrived. I had to ring about the missing one - the customer service rep was friendly and apologised and said it was an error and they would issue a refund. I do feel that if I had not rang I would still be waiting for a refund. Thankfully another store had it in stock for click and collect the next day! Not a great first experience of Hamleys - a giant in toy store retail."

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